Why You Should Hydrate Your People with Culligan Water This Summer

It’s  summertime – it’s time to get your yinzer butt off the couch out to Point State Park, a ballgame, or boating on any of the rivers! But are you drinking the right water as the outdoor summer activities come into full swing? We have a few summertime hydration tips for you to help beat the Pittsburgh heat!

You don’t need an excuse to hit the many parks and trails Pittsburgh has to offer, and if you have a friend with a boat (or are lucky enough to own one), there’s no escaping the outdoors. However, the heat can bring risk to those not properly hydrated.

Likewise, not all outdoor public resources are reliable, and having a prepared plan to bring Culligan® filtered or bottled water can save you time, money – and possibly mitigate your risk for disease.

What is Wrong With Public Water Resources?

With monthly averages of 82.7 and 81.1 degrees, respectively, July and August are Pittsburgh’s hottest months on record, and people come out in droves to local parks, trails, golf courses, water activities and, of course, PNC Park.

Many outdoor public locales such as Point State Park and Frick Park have facilities with plumbing and water fountains. These sources might suffer from a lack of cleaning and maintenance, and depending on outdoor temperature, dispense lukewarm water that lacks the thirst-quenching qualities of fresh water from an indoor tap or refrigerator.

Pittsburgh’s drinking water originates from surface water on the Allegheny River. Each day, approximately 70 gallons of water are treated, and most of it is safe. However, concerns nationally of a lead crisis in water hit home earlier this year.

Sure, if your immune system is not compromised, there’s not a major risk in catching a disease from intermittent sips from an outdoor public fountain. But its less a risk to easily carry filtered water from a bottle or your personal tap. And wouldn’t you rather be drinking cold, pure and clean water anyway?

Here’s Some Advice To Stay Fresh

Here are some more summertime hydration tips to make sure your hydration levels and water quality are optimal in the Pittsburgh heat – when you need it most!

  • When performing vigorous physical activity such as running, trail hiking or bicycling, bring a hand-held bottle of Culligan® filtered water from home.
  • Bring a lightweight wastepack that has been wear-tested for minimal bounce and comfort on runs and hikes.
  • Avoid high-glycemic (GI) foods such as high-sugar sports drinks or energy bars. Consuming an unnecessary amount of sugar can cause you to become fatigued more quickly.
  • Along with taking frequent breaks for yourself — especially while exercising — watch out for others. If you see someone getting weak or dizzy, this could be a sign of heat stroke.
  • If you’re going boating on the rivers or North Park Lake, bringing a beverage cooler is just as important as bringing a towel or sunscreen.
  • If you are enjoying an outdoor spot in one of our many breweries or restaurants, or just having adult beverages in your porch or backyard, drink responsibly – and drink plenty of fresh, pure water. Alcohol is a diuretic and dehydrates your system. Mixing a cup of H2O between adult beverages can ease the bite of a mean next-day cocktail flu!
  • It shouldn’t need to be said but…don’t drink from a stagnant water source – or any of our rivers, beautiful as they are!